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Nighthawks coach Jason Szafarski in the Hawks Talk™ studios

Upper Valley Nighthawk’s manager Jason Szafarski watches his team playing the Mystic Schooners on June, 10, in Hartford, Vt. (Valley News – Jennifer Hauck) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to permission@vnews.com.

jk, we haven’t trademarked Hawks Talk and we don’t have our own studios. But Jason Szafarski DID talk to the Valley News’ own Josh Weinreb and ESPN radio’s Brett Franklin yesterday! Follow the whole Nighthawks season at www.vnews.com/nighthawks.

It’s dry out there, folks

Lucky 7 News Quiz No. 7 is open until June 28

UV Index editors Maggie Cassidy and Amanda Newman. (Valley News – Geoff Hansen)


If you’re on an smartphone or tablet, please click here for a mobile-friendly link to the quiz!


Continue on to the quiz below! (Note: There’s a scrolly bar.)


We’re giving away pins and sticker packs to everybody who aced it plus random “participation trophies” (s/o to the Random Name Picker lol).


  • “AJ” (7 of 7)
  • Gabe B-T (7 of 7)
  • Rich Kearney (random winner)

CONGRATS! Comment on our Facebook or email us at uvindex@vnews.com to let us know if you want to come by the Valley News to pick up your loot or if we should pop ’em in the mail.


Q1: Chelsea High School graduated its last-ever senior class this month. How many students graduated?
A: Seven.

Q2: Mindy Kaling delivered Dartmouth College’s commencement address on Sunday. Which one of these quotes did she NOT say?
A: “Life is nothing more than a series of decisions. If you make good decisions, you’ll be happy. If you make bad decisions, you won’t.”

Q3: Fill in the blank: “I grieve over every _______ going out because it’s part of a continuum of the destruction of a culture,” said Plainfield resident Steve Taylor, 79.
A: Farm.

Q4: Which New England Collegiate Baseball team handed the Upper Valley Nighthawks their first home loss this season?
A: Sanford Mainers.

Q5: How much did a Vermont judge order Equifax to pay to a Randolph resident and self-described member of the “librarian resistance” in a small claims court ruling related to the company’s 2017 data breach?
A: $600.

Q6: What is the name of the bar opening in Bethel?
A: Babes Bar.

Q7: Which collegiate meme Facebook group recently earned a shout-out in Mindy Kaling’s Dartmouth College commencement address?
A: Dartmouth Memes for Cold AF Teens.


They can find this page at www.vnews.com/lucky7 or uvindex.vnews.com/lucky7.

R.I.P., old ‘Valley News’ phones

The ‘Valley News’ office’s old phones, tossed aside in favor of newer handsets. (Amanda E. Newman photograph)

The Valley News switched over to a new phone system on Wednesday, which meant the newsroom’s old, simpler desk phones were put out to pasture and replaced by trim, sleek models.

This also meant a room full of journalists had to learn ~on the fly~ how to operate the new phones. (In case you’ve never been in a newsroom, someone is ALWAYS on the phone, and the phone is always ringing. So, things get difficult when you no longer know how to answer calls.)

The transition went something like this:

However, after a quick game of actual office telephone and only a brief moment of panic, we’re now reasonably confident we can both answer the phone when it rings and transfer calls around as needed. Huzzah!