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Dedicated to Amanda, Valley News penguin editor, on her vacation

This story in today’s Valley News headlined, “When Penguins Were Huge.”

This illustration provided by Gerald Mayr shows the sizes of an ancient giant penguin Kumimanu biceae and a human being. Researchers announced their find of fossils from approximately 55 million to 60 million years ago, in New Zealand, that put the creature at about 5 feet, 9 inches long when swimming, and 223 pounds. (Reconstruction by G. Mayr/Senckenberg Research Institute)

RIP AIM, thx 4 the mmrs

AOL Instant Messenger, lovingly known as AIM, was officially put to an end on Friday, marking a sad day in many a millennial’s life.

AIM was our introduction to ~the internet~, the place where we chatted with friends for hours and began to form online identities for ourselves. It was our first real taste of what would later be known as social media, which of course is now inescapable in our daily lives. It’s also the reason we’re either A. really great at acronyms and reading shorthand or B. not so good at spelling and/or texting.

Your screen name said a lot about you, too. How did you want to portray yourself to your buddy list? It was hard to create an original screen name that really captured the essence of ~you~. (I believe my very first screen name — I went on to create another shortly after, which I switched to and continued to use for years — was penguinchick4256, which I thought was great because I love penguins; I’m a girl, hence the chick — so cheeky lol!; and obvs penguinchick was taken so I had to add some numbers. The combo worked for me.)

I don’t really have anything bad to say about AIM. It was fun, it was cool (at the time), it had neat little effects whenever people signed on and off (the doors opened and shut!) and it let you customize your fonts and colors. Who could forget the excruciating care that went into crafting the perfect away message or, even more important, a profile?!

And, for better or worse, it led us to where we are today.

Goodbye, AIM. We’re sad to see you’ve g2g.

I don’t know why I’m wasting my time as a journalist when I could be getting paid to translate emoji*

Don’t tell me it’s not a real job, MOM. *points to photo*

The timing of this tweet is fitting, considering last night I replied on Twitter to a DJ who asked his followers what the meaning of the 😤 emoji was. (I told him I always thought of it as a visual “hrmph!” or indication of being in a huff, but apparently it is meant to represent a triumphant or proud person with air coming out of their nose to indicate said triumph/pride, according to Google. Could have used an assist from Broni on that one, tbh.)

*Disclaimer: I’m totally kidding. I love what I do, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

This viral clip of Dartmouth alum Jake Tapper prior to the Alabama election is too good not to share

8.53 million views and counting — and that’s only on this iteration of the video, which is ricocheting all across internet. Watch until the end.

Meanwhile, Roy Moore continues to refuse to concede. Via the Washington post:

Read the executive order related to Sununu’s new advisory council on diversity and inclusion

Gov. Chris Sununu has announced the establishment of an 18-person advisory board charged with making recommendations on ways to combat discrimination through legislative and other efforts, as well as the formation of a new civil rights unit within the New Hampshire Department of Justice. The executive order related to the former is below. Click here to read the Valley News’ full news alert.