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R.I.P., old ‘Valley News’ phones

The ‘Valley News’ office’s old phones, tossed aside in favor of newer handsets. (Amanda E. Newman photograph)

The Valley News switched over to a new phone system on Wednesday, which meant the newsroom’s old, simpler desk phones were put out to pasture and replaced by trim, sleek models.

This also meant a room full of journalists had to learn ~on the fly~ how to operate the new phones. (In case you’ve never been in a newsroom, someone is ALWAYS on the phone, and the phone is always ringing. So, things get difficult when you no longer know how to answer calls.)

The transition went something like this:

However, after a quick game of actual office telephone and only a brief moment of panic, we’re now reasonably confident we can both answer the phone when it rings and transfer calls around as needed. Huzzah!

Happy summer, y’all!

At last, summer is here in all its glory. Rejoice! We have survived the long winter and barely-there spring.
Today marks the first official day of summer, which means it’s a great day to treat yo’self to an ice cream cone (from Dairy Twirl, Ice Cream Fore-U, 2 Guys Pies, Dan & Whit’s, or, most recently, The Baited Hook Restaurant), sit outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, or take in a Nighthawks game (they’re hosting the Keene Swampbats at 6:30 p.m. Educators get in free tonight with a valid ID and, oh, there will be FREE COOKIES)!

^ TBT, amirite?!

Congrats again to the Valley News Athletes of the Year

The 2018 Valley News Athletes of the Year pose for a photo at their banquet at the Fireside Inn in West Lebanon, N.H., on June 19, 2018. (Valley News – Josh Weinreb)


Congratulations, y’all! It looks like the banquet was a blast. As a reminder, here are some links to what this shindig is all about:


Also, here’s a screengrab of my face during the last episode of Well-Dressed Sports Heads as I’m listening to all of the different athletic and academic responsibilities some of these students are trying to balance, while I’m over here trying to balance whether to watch Netflix or Hulu. So, yeah. Good job on that.

Video: WRJ clothing/furniture store that was about to become a gym is heavily damaged by fire

Mainly Vintage clothing store owner Ann Hayden hugs Mark Garzia, who bought the property during an early hours fire in White River Junction, Vt., on Tuesday, June 19, 2018. (Valley News – August Frank) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to permission@vnews.com.

Mike Tidwell, of the Hartford Fire Department, works to put out any fires on the inside of the building that houses the Heirloom Antique Center & Furniture Hospital and Mainly Vintage clothing store in White River Junction, #VT, this morning. Fire officials are working to determine what caused the two-alarm fire early this morning that heavily damaged the building, which had recently changed hands and was going to become a gym. 🔸 Full story at www.vnews.com/instagram. Link in profile. 🔸 (Valley News – August Frank @augustfrankphoto) #uppervalley #upval #vnewsuv #photojournalism #hartfordvt #whiteriverjunction #antique #vintage #store #building #fire #smoke #firefighter #emergency #vermont #news #localnews #802 #🔥 #🚒

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Click here to read the full story.

Severe storm warnings have been issued for most of the Upper Valley

A pattern of potentially dangerous storms are moving across New England, prompting several weather advisories to be issued to much of the area.

One of the earliest warnings (seen above) was issued around 2:50 p.m. on Monday by the National Weather Service’s station in Gray, Maine. The station monitors much of Maine and New Hampshire. (You can keep an eye on the area’s active warnings by clicking here.)

Because of the tornado alert in Grafton County on Monday evening, staff and shoppers at the Hanover Co-op Food Store were escorted to the basement of the store for roughly 20 minutes until the danger passed.

The warning will remain in effect until 10 p.m. tonight.

UPDATE: The National Weather Service in Burlington has issued a warning about possible flooding in the state.

Stay safe, everyone!

Vermont Castings in Randolph, then and now

Valley News video from 2014, by James M. Patterson:

Valley News article from this past weekend, by John Lippman, with James M. Patterson photos:

Not long ago, there used to be a lot of soot inside the Vermont Castings foundry, where workers would come off shifts coated in black, looking like they had just emerged from a coal mine.


But carbon particles don’t mix well with $450,000 Swedish-made robots, let alone people.


That’s one of the stark changes at the Randolph maker of wood-burning stoves, which has just completed a plant upgrade that converted what had resembled a Victorian-like era mill into a clean, energy-efficient manufacturing plant. It’s a factory where knowing how to program a computer-operated grinding and drilling machine is as critical a skill as safely pouring molten iron into sand molds.


“We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs,” Bill Corey, a drill and grind manager and 20-year company veteran, said about the corporate ownership changes Vermont Castings has experienced since its founding in 1975.

Click here to read the full article.


John Leppo, of ACT Robots, fine tunes the programming of a robotic arm recently installed at the Vermont Castings foundry in Randolph, Vt., on Thursday, June 14, 2018. The system will lift the heaviest stove pieces made at the foundry, drill holes and grind rough edges. “I’m trying to get to a point here when people don’t have to lift more than 25 pounds,” said Vice President and General Manager Jeffrey Nelb. Despite some increased automation, the 100-employee plant is looking for ten new hires. (Valley News – James M. Patterson) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to permission@vnews.com.

Hurray for local newspapers

Danielle Tcholakian, a reporter/essayist from New York City, came through the Upper Valley on the road trip and showed the local papers some love. The road is a little rough these days, so it’s always nice to feel supported as we forge ahead. Thank you!

LINK: Area Bears Are Becoming Bolder; Trackers Say Some Residents Still Aren’t Eliminating Food Sources

LINK: Dartmouth Psych Professor Retires Amid Harassment Inquiry

LINK: Lebanon Airport Eyes Increased Usage Fees

Summer weather, stay forever

Sunday, June 17, 2018. Quechee, Vt. Photo courtesy CJ Hughes.

Happy Monday everyone!

Did you get out into the glorious weather this weekend? Let us know what you did! I know, I know, “we love having four seasons,” blah blah blah, but this is obviously the best time of year to be in the Upper Valley. 😉

Here is my favorite Quechee Balloon Festival balloon; photo courtesy of my fellow balloon hunter, CJ Hughes.

Lucky 7 News Quiz No. 6 is open until June 21

Win pins. !!!


If you’re on an smartphone or tablet, please click here for a mobile-friendly link to the quiz!


Continue on to the quiz below! (Note: There’s a scrolly bar.)


We’re giving away pins and sticker packs to everybody who aced it plus two random “participation trophies” (s/o to the Random Name Picker lol). It seems like Quiz No. 5 was another toughie, because once again, we only had one person who scored 100%!


  • Lucas Devries (7 of 7)
  • Brian Benkel (random winner)
  • Dee Roberts (random winner)

CONGRATS! Comment on our Facebook or email us at uvindex@vnews.com to let us know if you want to come by the Valley News to pick up your loot or if we should pop ’em in the mail.


Q1: The following pictures were taken by Valley News photo intern Carly Geraci for a feature about Upper Valley diners. Which one shows The Lebanon Diner?
A: Option C.

Glenda Shoop, of Lebanon, N.H., sips her coffee before meeting up with a friend at The Lebanon Diner in Lebanon on May 10, 2018. “It is a very nice place to come,” Shoop said.(Valley News – Carly Geraci) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to permission@vnews.com.

Q2: Which of the following happened in Sunapee recently?
A: A man visiting his family’s gravestone found that someone had etched a date of death next to his name.

Q3: What was added to the Register of Historic Places in one of the Twin States this month?
A: Newport Airport Hangar.

Q4: A bear was shot and killed in Cornish this week after it attacked what?
A: Chickens.

Q5: Which Woodstock Union High School team recently won its second straight championship title?
A: Girls tennis.

Q6: Which annual event drew large crowds in Lebanon on Saturday, June 2?
A: A yard sale organized by the Lebanon United Methodist Church.

Q7: What do a group of scientists at BeBop Labs in New Hampshire want you to send to them?
A: Ticks.


They can find this page at www.vnews.com/lucky7 or uvindex.vnews.com/lucky7.

#tbt: Bernice A. Ray before the school was named for her

There’s always more at the #valleynewsthrowback hashtag on Instagram!

Bernice A. Ray, retiring after 40 years with the Hanover, N.H., schools — 24 of them as principal of the Hanover Elementary School — meets old and new friends at a reception in her honor on June 10, 1969. At the gathering of about 200 colleagues and friends, it was announced the school under construction on Reservoir Road is to be named after her. (Valley News – Larry McDonald) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to permission@vnews.com.