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R.I.P., old ‘Valley News’ phones

The ‘Valley News’ office’s old phones, tossed aside in favor of newer handsets. (Amanda E. Newman photograph)

The Valley News switched over to a new phone system on Wednesday, which meant the newsroom’s old, simpler desk phones were put out to pasture and replaced by trim, sleek models.

This also meant a room full of journalists had to learn ~on the fly~ how to operate the new phones. (In case you’ve never been in a newsroom, someone is ALWAYS on the phone, and the phone is always ringing. So, things get difficult when you no longer know how to answer calls.)

The transition went something like this:

However, after a quick game of actual office telephone and only a brief moment of panic, we’re now reasonably confident we can both answer the phone when it rings and transfer calls around as needed. Huzzah!

John Gregg definitely got the sunglasses memo

We always knew Valley News News Editor John Gregg was an avid UV INDEX reader, but we didn’t know he was so quick to pick up on trends.

News Editor John Gregg knows about sunglasses.

JK y’all, John actually got his pupils dilated so that he can keep his eyes sharply trained on the Twin States’ politicians! But doesn’t it look like we’re in the middle of an action movie while he and Lebanon reporter Tim Camerato discuss the municipal goings-on of the day? Lebanon sewer, anyone?

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It’s the one-year anniversary of that time we were flowered on Facebook

A screenshot of a screenshot of a GChat conversation, originally courtesy of Maggie, that took place between us one year ago.

A screenshot of a screenshot of a GChat conversation, originally courtesy of Maggie, that took place between us one year ago.

One year ago today, Maggie and I had a GChat conversation in which we reacted to someone’s reaction to a Valley News Facebook post.

That person reacted with a flower.

In case you don’t recall, around Mother’s Day last year Facebook rolled out a temporary new reaction to show gratitude for ya moms: A purple flower.

From a Time article on the reaction:

Facebook users can now react to a post with a flower—along with “like” and the smiling and crying emojis. “In honor of Mother’s Day we are testing the ability for people in a few markets to leave a flower reaction,” Facebook said in a statement.

The flower reaction indicated one was “thankful,” or “grateful,” depending on your platform.

At the time of our conversation a year ago, however, we didn’t know what the heck the flower meant, so we were pretty surprised when it popped up as a reaction on one of the Valley News‘ posts. (Maggie kindly GChatted me to share the news of the reaction.)

As far as we can tell, there is no unique reaction to celebrate this Mother’s Day. 🙁

R.I.P., purple flower. We hardly knew ye.