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Don’t accidentally eat your roller skates after checking out this Twin State Derby cake

I recognize that that headline is not my best work but, ya know what, it is what it is.

Happy Hanukkah! How about some doughnuts?

From this morning’s Valley News:

Hanukkah is known as the Festival of Lights, but it is also the Festival of Fried Foods, and a perfect time for consuming guilt-free doughnuts and fried chicken.


Why fry? Oil is central to the Jewish holiday, which commemorates the victory of rebellious Maccabees over Syrian Greeks in 165 B.C. When the Jews went to clean up and rededicate the ransacked temple, they needed eight days to prepare sacred oil for the temple lamps and candelabras. Although they found just a single small vial of purified oil, enough for one day, so the story goes, that little bit of oil lasted eight days until more could be made.

Click here to read more — and to get your hands on the recipe for salted tahini doughnuts, shown below!


Salted tahini doughnuts. Photo by Jennifer Chase for The Washington Post.

C is for cookie, and cookies are for stuffing your face after you make a whole bunch of them with this winning recipe

Photo by Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post.

From today’s Valley News:

A pastry chef, a cannabis connoisseur and a 10-year-old walk into The Washington Post. There’s no punchline. That’s who we asked to judge some of the most popular chocolate chip cookie recipes on the web.

The result is the chocolate chip cookie that you can make for yourself with this recipe.

Here’s a video from that panel:

I believe Cookie Monster would be proud.

Hanover Co-op offering new scholarships, grants for projects supporting cooperative education, food assistance, access and agriculture

From the Hanover Co-op:

The Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society is launching the Gerstenberger Scholarship Fund and Community Project Grants. The Fund is named in honor of the Co-op’s long-serving General Managers, Harry and Arthur Gerstenberger, and first Education Director Sally Gerstenberger.


The Gerstenberger Scholarship is a new project of the Hanover Cooperative Community Fund, which—thanks to generous Co-op members and a hard-working staff—has raised funds since 2001. Funds support the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation, which invests in co-op development throughout the country. Interest from the endowment is then returned to HCCF to help fund local non-profit organizations.

Read more and apply.