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Hartford police say it seems that all is well at Toys for Tots in WRJ

This undated still image from a TV advertisement provided by the U.S. Marine Corps, is part of a new recruitment ad campaign by the Corps, meant to draw millennials. (U.S. Marine Corps via AP)

I’ve seen at least one person question why the alleged Toys for Tots break-in/theft hasn’t been reported in the news. We did check in with Hartford Police Chief Phil Kasten yesterday and here’s what he said:

We’d received a call to the storage facility after workers arriving this morning found an unsecured door that had apparently been left ajar overnight. There was no evidence to indicate forced entry or any entry, and nothing was found missing or damaged.

Facebook posts such as the one linked above (shared more than 100 times and getting new life today on the Upper Valley VT/NH Facebook page) have suggested that the store may have been broken into Wednesday night but that it was difficult to tell if anything was taken.

The connecting road from Fairview Terrace to downtown WRJ has been closed to vehicles, but remains open to pedestrians

Thanks to Kirsten A-T for the photo! (Why is it closed, you ask? Valley News reporter Matt Hongoltz-Hetling laid out the options the Hartford Selectboard was weighing in response to the road’s poor condition in a story in October.)

Photo courtesy Kirsten Arnesen-Trunzo.

In other news, the bridge underpass in WRJ near the intersection of North Main + Bridge streets is fully reopened.

‘Any time there’s a cut, then there’s choices to make’

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The bridge underpass in WRJ near the intersection of North Main + Bridge streets is fully reopened

I heard about this as early as Tuesday, but you know what they say in the journalism world: If your mother tells you the sky is blue, fact-check it.

So I took a detour through the downtown area on my way to work this morning and saw for myself. I’m not going to win any prizes for this photograph, but it confirms two things:

  • The Bridge Street underpass, which takes Bridge Street traffic underneath the railroad tracks near the four-way intersection with North Main Street (near Revolution, the Dreamland building, etc.), is reopened in both directions. It has been one-way coming into the village for some time.


The intersection of North Main and Bridge Streets in White River Junction on Dec. 15, 2017.