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Update on the 1920s love letters discovered in a West Leb ceiling: They’re back where they belong!

Happy Friday afternoon, y’all!

Remember our post about the long lost love letters from the 1920s that were discovered in a West Lebanon ceiling recently during a kitchen renovation? They have officially been returned to the couple’s relatives!

Valley News chief photographer Jennifer Hauck was there for the handoff (click here for photos) and the Valley News editorial board has weighed in on the magic of these letters.

Friday, March 16.

The letters are now “under lock and key,” family members say, until the couple’s last living daughter can make it up to Vermont from Florida for a family visit later this year.

Thank you so much to Jenn Carter, who found the letters, and granddaughters Theresa White, Shannon Kivler and their extended family, for allowing us to document the return of the letters that captivated the Upper Valley with some good news for a few days.

As I told a couple of the folks involved, it has inspired me to go through some old love letters I inherited from my grandparents some years ago and have never really sat down and read through. That will change soon!

We wish a lot of happy reading to Mr. & Mrs. White’s family in the months and years ahead. ❤


Heartfelt exchanges in the #UpperValley on Thursday: 1️⃣ Theresa White, of White River Junction, #VT, left, Jenn Carter of West Lebanon, #NH, and Shannon Kivler, of Charlestown, NH, talk about the #handwritten #letters found in Carter’s kitchen ceiling during a remodeling process. Kivler and White are the granddaughters of Laura Johnson, who wrote the letters to Harold White in the #1920s. The couple later married and had four children. The group of women met in White River Junction on Thursday for Carter to give the letters to White and Kivler, who she located via Facebook earlier in the week. 🔶 More photos from their meeting at www.vnews.com. Link in profile. 🔶 (Valley News – Jennifer Hauck @hauck45) 2️⃣ Tom Cox, of Sunapee, NH, hands a #bouquet of #roses to Victoria Davis, of Brooklyn, NY, on Georges Mills Road in Springfield, NH, on Thursday. Cox sells roses on the side of the road and will wait hours, sometimes even a whole day, for someone to stop and buy the #flowers. “You have to develop #patience and an appreciation of #nature,” Cox said. (Valley News – Carly Geraci @carlygeraci) ▪️ #vnewsuv #uppervalley #upval #603 #802 #twinstates #newengland #photojournalism #heartfelt #exchange #sliceoflife #💌 #💐

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Bald eagle steals fish (from Lebanon man in Fairlee)

FILE – In this undated photo released by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, a bald eagle flies in Utah. (AP Photo/Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Lynn Chamberlain)

WMUR has video of the thievery!

Wonder if it was one of the nine bald eagles counted along the Connecticut River in January? Click here to watch the video at the WMUR website.

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#tbt: Deja vu, when it comes to Lebanon school building votes

The photo below is from 1995. And just this week, voters rejected another plan related to school buildings in Leb. More #valleynewsthrowback pics at the hashtag!

N.H. Town Meeting results are going up now

The school modernization plan went down in Lebanon, and we’ve got more results going up at our Town Meeting 2018 keyword throughout the night.

A group of helpful #CornishNH residents help push the car of Ally Samuell, of #HanoverNH, up a slippery incline after Town Meeting at Cornish Elementary School earlier today. Samuell, a community organizer with the Sierra Club, was at the meeting to support an article petitioned by the Cornish Energy Committee to set a goal for the town to get 100 percent of its electricity from #renewable sources by 2030, and the same for all of its heating and transportation energy by 2050. The measure passed. 🔺 Results from today’s #NH town meetings are currently going up at www.vnews.com as they are received, including from #LebNH, where a plan to modernize the city’s school buildings has failed. 🔺 Find more in Wednesday’s Valley News. (Valley News – James M. Patterson @james.m.patterson) ​#uppervalley #upval #vnewsuv #photojournalism #603 #townmeeting #townmeetingday #democracy #directdemocracy #snow #snowstorm #noreaster #push #help #helpful #helpinghands #laughing #neighbors #❄️

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After kitchen remodel reveals 1920s love letters hidden in West Lebanon ceiling, Upper Valley Facebook reunites them with the couple’s granddaughters

(Originally posted Tuesday, March 13. Updated on Thursday, March 15.)

Photo courtesy Jenn Carter.

West Lebanon resident Jenn Carter has made a pretty neat discovery in her kitchen ceiling — letters that are more than 90 years old! — and now she’s trying to return them to their rightful owners.

Here is what she posted on the Upper Valley VT/NH Facebook page (w/ light editing by me):

Hi, Upper Valley … So here is an odd one and probably a long shot.


I am remodeling my kitchen in West Lebanon. During demolition, many very old letters were found in the ceiling. They are from Miss Laura S. Johnson, of West Lebanon, to Harold B. White, of Brattleboro, Vt. The letters I have gone through are postmarked for various dates in 1925 & 1926.


I think I found the right Laura through the 1910 & 1920 Census. It appears that she passed in 1998 and is buried at the West Lebanon Cemetery. I was hoping she might still have family in the Upper Valley as I would love to return these letters to them. Please message me if this may be someone you knew.

Jenn later called them “super sweet love letters.” Awwww. <3 :’)

You can contact Jenn at her original post, OR comment below or email me at mcassidy@vnews.com and I will pass along the message.

* * *

UPDATE #1 (TUESDAY): A woman has come forward as the couple’s granddaughter!

That seriously took less than 30 minutes. The Upper Valley is small and the internet is fast.


* * *

UPDATE #2 (THURSDAY): Jenn Carter reunited the letters today with two of Laura Johnson’s and Harold White’s granddaughters, Theresa White, of White River Junction, and Shannon Kivler, of Charlestown.

They are waiting to open all of the letters until they can be read by the couple’s last living daughter!!!! So exciting. We are thrilled for everyone involved. Look for a photo in Friday’s Valley News.

* * *

UPDATE #3 (FRIDAY): Photos and an editorial!

Valley News chief photographer Jennifer Hauck was there for the handoff, and the VN editorial board also weighed in on the magic of these letters. Photos here & editorial here.