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UV INDEX stickers gettin’ stuck and stickin’

We still have a free stack by the Valley News front desk. Here are some that are out and about in the world!


Thank you, Roger!!

Lappy tappy. Thanks, Paul!


Possibly the most Vermont guitar ever. Thanks, Matt.


As seen at the Main Street Museum. Thanks, Graham!


Valley News staff writer David Corriveau.

And, last but not least, me.


Valley News paper boys and girls from 1989

From the notes on the photo: “Jim Ladue, rookie of the month, July ’89”

This is so. cool.

We’ve been doing a little bit of ~cleaning~ and ~organizing~ around here lately, and recently stumbled upon a collection of photographs from 1989, when the Valley News was still an afternoon paper and had a young fleet of paper boys and girls.

The photos are related to paper carrier awards, with notes such as “carrier of the month” or “honorable mention” scrawled in the margins.

There’s 20 photos in total. Click through to our Facebook album to see them all, and TAG YOUR FRIENDS if you recognize anybody from back in the day!

How I de-stress (not even kidding)