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Double the wins: Two Upper Valley Schools claim historic victories

Woodstock boys hockey and Sharon boys basketball teams each won a state championship on Monday night. Congratulations, y’all!

Sharon’s victory was especially sweet — it was the first time the school had won in any sport, and the win rounded out an undefeated season. Wow.

Be careful out there; difficult driving conditions

In fact, authorities are asking people to stay off the roads if at all possible.

Route 4 (N.H.) is closed in Lebanon (just west of Eastman Hill) at this hour due to a serious crash, and Route 4 (Vt.) is closed in Woodstock (just west of Woodstock Village) due to a tree covering the road.

Update: One person died in the Lebanon crash.

I-91 southbound was also closed in Wilder overnight due to a crash, but had been reopened by this morning.

What what whaaaaaat?! Not one but TWO food truck festivals are scheduled in the Upper Valley

As we ~previously reported~, the city of Lebanon is planning a food truck festival for June 22. (And if you have a food truck, the deadline to submit your application is March 9 — that’s two days from now!)

Well, guess what. That’s not the only food truck festival planned in the Upper Valley right now.

Sustainable Woodstock is planning an event called East End Eats, a food truck festival at Woodstock’s East End Park, for May 12.

Who knew the Upper Valley was so hip, y’all. Who knew.

Woodstock snow sculptor is looking to build a snow-sculpting community

You could say he’s trying to ~sculpt~ a community together.

From Tony Perham: “I am a local snow sculptor out of Woodstock. I am looking to build a group on Facebook of people interested in snow sculpture! I often have large projects that could use as many hands as possible. Doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before; if you’re interested let me know.”

Follow the link to check out Tony’s page!

A snow sculpture that Tony Perham and others worked on at Suicide Six last winter. Photo courtesy Tony Perham.