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For the first 28 years of my life, I was not a water drinker. My friend, who was studying to be a doctor at the time, told me she pictured my blood to be somewhere around the consistency of toothpaste. For all of the problems (e.g.) with the TV show Girls, I very much relate to Hannah’s total and well-documented rejection of H2O.

My new year’s resolution this year was to drink one glass of water a day — which should really give you a sense of how much water I was not drinking before that — and although I’ve hit a few ~*droughts*~ I have gotten back on the wagon and am doing pretty good lately. A lot of that is because my dear pal Amanda taught me to keep a water bottle at my desk and I have gotten to the point where I’m drinking water without knowing it, which is cool, and even to the point where I start seeking out water because I genuinely want some and when I drink water I feel better.

This leads me to a couple questions.

1. How did I make it this far?

2. How do you people have time for all of these bathroom trips? It’s just like … too much.