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My kind of love story.

From the Upper Valley Humane Society:

Do you like love stories? At UVHS, we ADORE a good love story and we recently watched one play out between two of our cats! BooBoo and Jemima have fallen in love while here at the shelter! They are now looking to spend the rest of their lives with each other and hopefully a new family as well!

BooBoo came into us in September and was a sweet, fun-loving boy from the start. Along his travels he had a run-in with another animal who did not like his playful ways and left him with a wound, requiring BooBoo to be confined to the shelter for six long months.

During BooBoo’s quarantine, Jemima was brought into us by a Good Samaritan. She was a shy, reserved girl and we initially thought she might have been feral. But she began to warm up to the staff and has a sweet, silly side that is starting to blossom.

While working with Jemima, we began noticing that when we let her out to interact with us, she always gravitated toward BooBoo’s cat condo. She would flirt with him and try to play with him! Due to BooBoo’s quarantine, they were not allowed to interact with one another, but Jemima really wanted to get to know him better.

Finally, at the end of March, BooBoo’s confinement was over and they were able to meet face-to-face for the first time. They ran to each other and immediately began to play! Jemima coos and calls to BooBoo and if he isn’t around, she cries for him. BooBoo loves to pretend to pounce on Jemima, but he is very gentle and tries not to overwhelm her with his energy. He’s been helping her come out of her shell and she seems to be building more trust in the people around her because of him.
We would love to see these two lovebirds go home together. Every good love story deserves a happy ending!