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You guys.

The Five Colleges Book Sale was amazing.

See those two bags right there? That’s everything I bought at the sale.* I regret nothing.

I went on Sunday, which was both half-price day and the last day of the sale, and I was still there for about two hours (and that was before I realized there were more books in the cafeteria!!). I was worried it was going to be picked over, but that wasn’t the case at all. I made off with some steals. I could have stayed there all day.

Kudos to all of the organizers and volunteers for their hard work and tremendous efforts! I was awed by the vast quantity of books and how well-sorted everything was.

*Disclaimer: The two books visible on top – and the two books immediately below them that are not visible – were not purchased at the sale; someone brought some free books into the office last week and I picked them up there. Everything else, though, was a book sale find.

– Amanda