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*This is entirely my opinion, but I consider myself to have pretty good taste (pun intended) when it comes to matters involving ice cream.

Anyway, I was doing some investigative reporting on Thursday night to try and figure out when Dairy Twirl, my favorite ice cream shop that also happens to be conveniently located not far from my house in Lebanon, plans to open for the season. I read up and down their Facebook page, but didn’t see any information regarding this year’s opening date. I. Was. Distraught.

Then I saw a comment on a visitor’s post instructing me and all other page visitors to check out the shop’s new Facebook page. I clicked, and that, my friends, has seriously made all the difference.

The Dairy Twirl sign (<3) from their new Facebook page

TL;DR: Dairy Twirl is opening for the season on Friday, May 5, and not today, as I had seriously hoped. 🙁

Stay up to date on the happenings at the Twirl or just check out their new page here.  You’re welcome.

P.S.: They’re also on the ‘gram!

— Amanda