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Bc lipstick is hard, but getting a job is harder.

From an analysis by the Washington Post that we ran today:

About half of millennials looking for work are interested in jobs that carry a risk of automation, a new study suggests. The findings indicate the youngest and most educated generation in the American workforce isn’t necessarily more robot-proof than older workers, who tend to be portrayed as the primary victims of automation.

A college degree “doesn’t protect against robot rivals,” the writer notes, because “even well-paid, highly skilled jobs could shrink or vanish in the near future.

Just last week we reported that GPS maker TomTom announced the layoffs of 35 employees, many from its Lebanon office

Of note:

TomTom makes navigation and mapping products, GPS sports watches and other location-based products. The spokesman attributed the layoffs to automation, some of it driven by the emergence of driverless cars.


For example, TomTom, which provides the maps that appear on Apple’s iPhone, supplies technology and data to Uber for routing and traffic information purposes.