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It’s not time for our weekly adoptable pets feature just yet, but this sweet face came up in my Facebook feed and I had to share.

From the New Hampshire SPCA:

This is Babe. She’s eleven years old, and quite honestly we’re a little worried about her. The shelter environment is tough, especially on a senior cat like Babe. She’s the sweetest little lady and loves to cuddle, but we’ve noticed that she’s been acting depressed lately. Where she would once great us with a happy little chirp and rub against our hands for attention, she now just quietly sits in her bed and watches as all the younger cats get adopted. We spend time with her daily, petting her and giving her as much love as possible— but nothing can replace the feeling of a real home.  Know someone who can help? Please point them to the New Hampshire SPCA to adopt and change her life. Read more about Babe here: http://www.nhspca.org/pet-spotlight/

She looks quite a bit like a short-haired version of my cat Ernie, who I adopted at the estimated age of 10 years old seven years ago. Ernie is as spunky as can be and 11 is NOTHING when it comes to cat years, so if you’re looking for what sounds like a super sweet, super easy cat (not an over-the-top kitten!) … just think about it.

Ernie cat.