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Ever notice how, once you learn a new word or phrase, suddenly you seem to hear it everywhere?

That’s where I currently am with the “early aughts.”

What are the early aughts, you ask? Apparently, “aughts” refers to the first decade of a century, so “early aughts” is being used to reference the beginning part of that decade. (It’s borderline redundant, I know).

Not sure how I made it this far without hearing the term — I first read about it on Monday — but now that I have, I can’t seem to escape it.

All week long I’ve been reading about the early aughts. I can’t take it anymore. The proof:
The term "early aughts" is haunting me. Here, a quick Google search shows just some of the uses of the term in the last week or so.

There’s gotta be a better term for it, right? I have Sirius satellite radio in my car, and one of the channels I listen to regularly is its Pop2K station. The channel’s sweeper ads boast about how it plays songs “from the double 0s to the ’09s.” Sometimes it says it plays all the hits “from the first decade of the millennium.”

I’ve been a Sirius subscriber for many years. I trust this station. Its musical selections are on point on the daily.

Not once have I ever heard it refer to itself or the time period it’s stuck in as the “early aughts.” #fakenews