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Police believe three cubs and a sow seen on late April 28, 2017, in Hanover, N.H., are the same family of bears getting into a Thompson Terrace home in Hanover. (Mark Laidre photograph)

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Keep in mind that this problem has been brewing for a long time:

Although Hanover officials have inquired with Fish and Game about relocating the family of bears, state officials say the problem can be traced to bird feeders and unsecured trash containers in the college town.


“Relocating the bears is not going to resolve the problem. This issue has been years in the making,” Andrew Timmins, the Fish and Game bear project leader, said on Monday. “Like any community in New Hampshire, if people have unsecured garbage and bird feeders out, wildlife is going to find it and use it as a food source. That’s what this particular sow has done for years over there.”