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Frowning Face

I worked at the MetroWest Daily News as a teenager, starting when I was around 16, covering high school sports. My dad worked there before me, and would often take me and my young classmates on field trips of the press. It was huge, dirty and very loud — an impressive physical representation of the less tangible work (writing, reporting, photographing, etc.) that is journalism.

At the Globe, I was a full-time intern through Northeastern University’s co-op program for a year, first in Sports and then in City Weekly, and later took some more shifts with Sports and the Metro desk. In addition to the ~journalism~ and all that good stuff, one of my City Weekly duties was ferrying copies of the paper around the building every day, which took me on a path from the press room to the publisher’s office and just about everywhere in between.

RIP, presses. Thoughts go out also to all the folks whose jobs have been affected, and I hope you land on your feet.