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In case you somehow missed it, we’ve had a bevy of bear news recently, including Tuesday’s story about Hanover’s plan to “destroy” (i.e. euthanize) a bear family that has been making the rounds in town, digging through trash cans and swiping at screen doors.

We put the word out about Hanover’s intentions and let me tell you, people. Were. Not. Having. It.

Facebook comments blew up, petitions were started, and there was so much outrage that it prompted us to do another story on the backlash to the bear plan.

Fast-forward to Thursday night. I’m finishing up Enterprise (new issue out on Tuesday, y’all!) when we get the product check of today’s paper. Spoiler alert: All but one of our letters to the editor in Friday’s Valley News is about the Hanover bear family, including one particularly amusing piece written from the perspective of “Mama Bear” that refers to humans as “bipeds” throughout. One of the letters was sent from a woman in the Lakes Region, about an hour outside of the Upper Valley. The moral of the story? Granite Staters do not play when it comes to bears.

While the letters vary in length, they all have one thing in common: They question whether bears are the real problem here.

Grab a copy of today’s paper or read the letters online here.