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I’m serious.

In honor of National Spelling Bee Week and the National Spelling Bee (which begins today), Google has released a list of No. 1 misspelled words in each of the 50 states. The data is based on Google searches, of course, and the results are pretty funny. They’re also all over the place.

So, what word can’t be spelled in New Hampshire?

“Diarrhea.” Yep.

What’s more, Granite Staters have been struggling to spell “diarrhea” for two straight years, according to the data. (The 2017 numbers covers Google searches from Jan. 1-April 30.)

Across the river, Vermonters are unclear on how to spell “Europe.” Oy.

My personal favorite? Wisconsin, where the most commonly looked-up word was “Wisconsin.” #awkward

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