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I think it’s fair to say the Hanover Bears, who you may remember from the many stories we ran last week, are officially New Hampshire icons.

Most recently, the three yearlings were trapped over the holiday weekend and released in the North Country by state Fish and Game officials …

… but not before photos were taken, of course. Because pics or it didn’t happen, right?

Fish and Game shared several photos from the trappings, including this one, where two of the bears sport hats:

In an accompanying Facebook post, Fish and Game officials said:

After long hours the past three days of waiting, standing vigil and strategizing Bear biologist Andy Timmins, Wildlife Services Bear tech Nancy Comeau and Regional Biologist Will Staats managed to capture three yearling bears in the town of Hanover NH. The three furry brothers were relocated today to an undisclosed location. Many thanks to Assistant fire chief Mike Hinsley and town manager Julia Griffin for logistical and moral support.

Bears, man.