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85. DOG FOR ADOPTION:Chihuahua/Terrier mix
Date: Wed, 31 May 2017 22:43:48 -0400
Are you interested in adopting an adorable 1 1/2 – 2 year old Chihuahua and
Terrier mix?
Here is the back story:
There is an elderly new resident  at Hanover Terrace who is very depressed
that he had to give up his little  dog  – who has been turned over to the
Monadnock Humane  Society in Keene.
Bella, my little Maltese Therapy dog, and I go  weekly to the Hanover
Terrace and have befriended this resident in the  process.  There is nothing –
and probably the only thing – that would bring  him as much happiness than to
spend some time with his little dog.
I am hoping that there is someone locally who would love such a little  dog
and be willing to visit this resident  – in talking with two staff  people
at Monadnock, he is being neutered this week and ready for adoption early
next week.   Because he is such an adorable little dog with a great
personality, they know he will be immediately adopted….but it would probably  be
someone in the Keene area and no information would be given to a new  owner.

I am hoping he can be adopted locally. The fee to Monadnock would  be $225;
this would cover his neutering and all necessary healthy  imperatives.
If you are interested in this little dog, please reply to  this post and
give me a phone number where I can reach you.  I will then  give you more
information on how to proceed.  Monadnock was not happy with  the thought of
receiving a lot of Listserve calls so I said I would be happy to  monitor.
Please only respond if you are really interested and would be  willing to
visit his owner at the Hanover Terrace.  This appeal is  supported by the
director of Hanover Terrace.
Susie Hastings
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