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Any interest? Could be fun!

From the Listserv (h/t Calendar Editor Liz Sauchelli):

29. any interest in looking foolish for a cause?
From: claudette brochu
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2017 22:09:28 -0400
I’ve been thinking about the Norwich parade coming up in July. I love
parades. I am wondering if anyone remembers hearing/reading about the lawn
chair drill teams where a bunch of folks develop a routine with lawn
Well, my take on the lawn chair drill team would be a drill team using
umbrellas as props. These would need to be the big umbrellas for adults and
little ones for kids. We would develop a couple of routines that we would
repeat over the course of the parade route. Could be great fun and a great
spoof. And of course, we would probably look foolish!!!!

If anyone is interested and can commit to a few hours over the course of
the next month to prepare a couple of routines, please contact me. I’d be
happy to try and coordinate. I think we need at least 6 people for this to
work. Email is best.