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Cops and courts reporter Jordan Cuddemi meets local cat-on-a-leash celebrity Ulysses Augustus

Like the crackerjack reporter that she is, when Jordan saw a cat on a leash at the farmers market in Newport last week, she started recording … for her Snapchat feed … and also got his business card.


World, meet Ulysses Augustus. He is super cute and according to his Facebook page, he’s single.

RELATED: When I was raising ducks, one of them was named Ulysses S. Duck. FWIW.


Keep your eyeballs open for the Ladybroad Ledger

It’s hitting the streets now. They’re the ones who hosted that party at the cartoon school the other day.

There’s a carpool from Lebanon on Tuesday to stand with immigrants in Manchester at their ICE check-ins

From the United Valley Interfaith Project, via the listserve:

Please join United Valley Interfaith Project as we stand in solidarity with immigrants who have “check-in” appointments with Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE).


We will gather in front of the Norris Cotton Federal Building at 275 Chestnut Street in Manchester at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 1 to support clients who have been ordered to report to ICE for a periodic check-in.

There will be a carpool from the CCBA parking lot in downtown Lebanon at 7 a.m. The carpool contact is Veronica Colby at veronica.colby@myfairpoint.net or 603-448-6343.