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Yas, Listen, yasssssss. This has been the plan for quite a while but couldn’t happen when construction was happening on the bridge over the Connecticut River.

Walking/public transportation is the best and all, but I think my fellow thrifters and I will be pumped to have a little more breathing room in the Bourne Center parking lot when things get bumpin’ on the hunt for ~deals~.

Don’t forget: Listen is also planning to move into the Bridgman’s furniture building on the Miracle Mile in Lebanon, consolidating its inventory down from its downtown Lebanon store and White River Junction furniture store (that is, the old 25,000 Gifts building — not the Bourne Center building referenced above).

From mid-June:

“We have had on our strategic plan how we are going to address our space constraints,” said Kyle Fisher, executive director of Listen. “So we have been on the lookout for something that meets our needs for a long time but it took a back seat when we built our River Point Plaza store” in White River Junction.

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