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REJOICE, for this was the special seltzer scene at the Aisle 8 endcap at the White River Junction Co-op Food Store this afternoon:


Seltzarrrrrrrs! (Valley News – Maggie Cassidy)

The supply. (Valley News – Maggie Cassidy)

For the uninitiated, these seltzers are ~kind of a big deal~.

Consider this headline from the Boston Globe: “People are stocking up on the new Polar Seltzer flavors like the apocalypse is coming.” The same report takes note of a Reddit thread where seltzer super-fans in the Boston area are helping each other hunt down the hard-to-find flavors, which started hitting grocery shelves in the past couple weeks. And across town, Boston Magazine pretty much bragged about sippin’ on a batch of Dragon Whispers, Yeti Mischief, Mermaid Songs and Unicorn Kisses.

So, as a proud member of an online seltzer enthusiast group (SHOUTOUT TO MY FIZZ FAM), I was pretty pumped to find all four flavors right here in little WRJ yesterday afternoon. This was the scene in my car on Sunday, moments after my partner and I stocked up on four six-packs, one of each flavor:

Note that the above is not quite a fizzeo, which is a seltzer review video, but it is basically just Polar porn. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, the Co-op Food Stores Facebook page got all cute and stuff with a little dragon post. Aw!

And last but not least, here’s me at work today, because of course I made a Boomerang of limited edition seltzer, and yes it did take me two tries to get the timing right, but obviously I drank both of them, doy.

Have you found more of these seltzers in the Upper Valley? Where are they at? Let us know in the comments. (Like, no, really, PLEASE let us know.)