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Villalobos Brothers will be performing at Feast and Field in Barnard, Vt., on August 12, 2017. (Stephanie F. Black photograph)

From a story in Thursday’s Valley News:

“We’ve been getting the word out,” (24-year-old Enrique) Balcazar, who works at a dairy farm in Addison County, said through a translator during a phone conversation on Monday. “I’m in a group of four that’s going, and we’re hoping others are able.” …


“The dairy industry is a particularly grueling industry, where workers are working 14 hours a day up to seven days a week, without a day off,” said Balcazar, who six years ago followed in the footsteps of his southern Mexican parents to become a migrant dairy worker in the state. “Plus in Vermont, there are very few musical or cultural acts in Spanish, so it’s very rare that farmworkers would get to see a concert even if they could go.” …


Helping Migrant Justice (the Burlington-based agency that advocates for farmworkers in Vermont) meet workers’ logistical, legal and social needs by donating proceeds from the Barnard concert has become an annual mission for Alberto Villalobos, his brothers Ernesto and Luis, and their band.

Heads up: This event is scheduled to take place Saturday night, not Friday night. We had that incorrect in one of our references to the performance date in an earlier version of that story. Here’s the relevant deets:

The Villalobos Brothers perform on Saturday night at the Feast and Field Market, on the former Clark Farm in Barnard. Cuban musician Albertico Lescay opens the concert at 6. For tickets ($25) and more information, visit barnarts.org.