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An iguana named Mr. Jingles broke out of his Rye, N.H., home and bit a cyclist before being caught by police.

An iguana named Mr. Jingles escaped from his Rye, N.H., home on Monday. He bit a cyclist who tried to lasso him before police were able to catch him. (Photo by me, because I thought it was hilarious that his daring escape made the 11 p.m. news.)

The reign of terror is over, folks: Police have wrangled an iguana that went rogue in Rye, N.H.

The 10-year-old pet, named Mr. Jingles, slipped out of his house on Monday and promptly proceeded to attempted to tear up the town. He escaped through a hole in a window screen, according to WMUR, and managed to travel about 75 yards from his home. His owner, Brenda Schultz, was home sick when Mr. Jingles made a run for it.

A passing cyclist spotted the roaming iguana and attempted to corral him by lassoing him with a leash, but Mr. Jingles wasn’t having it: he bit the man.

(Don’t worry, the cyclist is fine.)

Police eventually herded the lizard into a pet carrier and returned him to Schultz, but he didn’t go quietly.

“When the fire chief looked at him, he hissed at him and made the fire chief jump back, so it scared him,” Walsh said.

Schultz said she’s grateful Mr. Jingles is home safe.