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Via the Thetford listerve this morning:

From: mary Bryant <mb.gravityhill@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2017 08:53:38 -0400


Dear Neighbors,
I have three recent bear incidents to report. Not sure if it is the same
bear or not. I live north of Tucker Hill Rd. and 132 intersection. Last
Sat. our neighbor had one pig killed by a bear and another was mauled. The
Game Warden confirmed it was a bear attack. My neighbor also heard of
another pig on the other side of Thetford on 113 was killed by a bear. I
do not have clarifying details that it was a bear attack. Last night I was
driving home on Union Village Rd. (about 3 miles from my house), it was
still quite light outside, and just before Sweetland Farm I saw 3 groups of
folks looking in the field where animals graze on Sweetland Farm. As I
drove nearer the field I saw a bear running in the field and the sheep
running away. I talked to two of the groups and they were keeping watch
and doing what they could to discourage the bear. I cannot say this is the
same bear that killed our neighbor’s pig. I did report this sighting to
the Norwich police and requested they pass on the incident to the Game


Maybe unrelated, but 3 summers ago a bear circled our house in early
evening, came to the front door after it was yelled at and looked in our
window-very bold. Then it went to the garage and TOSSED a trash can that
was empty.


For what it is worth just be aware of a potentially bold bear who will
attack farm animals and possibly not so fearful of people.


Be Safe,


Mary Bryant