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*On a particular commenting platform in a 16-month period that can’t really tell the whole picture, but just a slice of it. In any case, as a comment moderator, I’m not sure how I feel about this.

According to Wired and Disqus, an online commenting platform, 12.2 percent of the comments made on Disqus platforms in a 16-month period were hostile (the highest percentage in the nation). In New Hampshire, that figure was 4.7 percent, the lowest percentage in the nation.


Read more about their methodology¬†and descriptions of “hostility” at the link, and note that this only covers Disqus platforms, not other places such as Facebook.

Other notable findings, according to Wired and Disqus: The most hostile time of day is 3 a.m. and the most “talkative” is 9 p.m. So stay off the internet in the middle of the night?? Or just like, always????