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When I reposted something from the listserve last week titled ‘Lonely duck seeking companionship,’ about a sweet little quacker in search of a duck friend or two, inquiring minds obviously wanted to know: Whatever happened to Lonely Duck?

Lucky you, Lonely Duck’s human companion, Amy Eilertsen, was kind enough to share this update with us when I asked. (The following is all written by Amy; all photographs were shared by Amy, as well.)


The lonely duck found friends — and a new identity.

The single white Peking was one of three ducklings hand-raised in the house this spring. We loved them all, but had a hard time differentiating individuals, so they became the Dux: Duk, Duq and Duc.



Duk and Duq disappeared from the pond two weeks ago, believed to be victims of a fox attack. Duc was in despair. Fowl don’t do well as singletons and Chloe, the chocolate Lab, really wasn’t interested in exploring a friendship.



In the past two weeks Duc gained three new friends: Wednesday, the Swedish black drake, arrived last weekend from a lovely farm in Norwich. Sisters Fiona and Flora K. Campbell harken from Cornish Flats and were also the survivors of a predator attack. Duc is now The Duchess, and is thrilled to share waddling adventures with her new buddies.  



The ducks remain free-range during the day, but their two-acre roaming area is surrounded by a newly-erected 4-foot wire fence.


So, there you have it. Lonely Duck, aka Duc, aka the Duchess, is lonely no more.


p.s. This whole thing has made me miss my former ducks, Dark Duck, Ulysses S. Duck and Bert, who my partner and I had rehomed to a grand life of slug-eating and egg-laying on a Norwich farm when we moved from a rural area to the bustling metropolis of White River Junction. I hope they and their new friends are doing well.