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Regarding the discussion about merging from I-91 north to I-89 south …

  • and folks on that route, e.g. from the Windsor/Hartland area to Lebanon, failing to yield
  • and/or folks on I-89 south failing to move over.

(This would be the one.)

I checked in with a New Hampshire* Department of Transportation spokesman on where plans stand to extend the merge lane on to I-89 South, which is part of a bigger project to repair the I-89 bridges over the Connecticut River and widen the I-89 shoulders.

When the Valley News wrote about those plans in 2014, the work was scheduled to begin in 2018.

It looks like construction has been pushed back a year to 2019 and is scheduled to run through 2021.

And, in fact, there’s a public hearing about New Hampshire’s 10-year transportation plan in Lebanon tonight. It starts at 7 p.m. at the City Council chambers downtown. (Read more about the folks running for Executive Council, which oversees and helps to manage development of the plan, in John Gregg’s column published today.)

*Even though the merging happens on the Vermont side of the Connecticut River, the bridges are overseen by New Hampshire, so it’s a N.H.-led project.