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The Valley News reported in early September that Kibby Equipment would close after 60 years in business. Stacey Thompson, friend of the business, sent in this snapshot from their last day on Sept. 15.

From left to right: Bill Shambo Jr., Bill Shambo Sr. and Roger Gillies. (Photo courtesy Stacey Thomson)

From our Sept. 3 story:

Business at Kibby Equipment has slowed, particularly in the past three years. Phyllis Shambo said people have increasingly turned to lower-price options at chain stores.


“People used to really want something that they could keep for years,” she said. “Now, it’s almost like a throw-away society. You can’t buy a product at Home Depot and take it back to get it repaired.”


Selling parts for repairs used to be a large component of the business, but people now are more likely to replace equipment than repair it. “It’s completely different today,” Shambo said.

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