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A new citizen science project looking to learn more about the Granite State’s rabbit species and where they’re located is asking for participants to help with the effort. And helping is easy: If you see a rabbit in New Hampshire, snap a photo and let NH Rabbit Reports know about it.

Do you have a rabbit that frequently visits your yard? Did you spot one on a recent outdoor adventure? You can use your smartphone or computer to submit your sighting to NH Rabbit Reports – no species identification skills required.

Anyone can participate in the project, which is backed by the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension and the state Fish and Game Department. The reported rabbit sightings will help the NH Rabbit Reports team collect data on species’ locations so it can make “appropriate conservation strategies,” according to a Friday UNH Cooperative Extension news release announcing the effort.

The project aims to track New Hampshire’s two species of rabbits, the eastern cottontail and the New England cottontail, as well as its sole hare species, the snowshoe hare. From the release:

 By understanding the relationship between the distributions of the two rabbit species, organizations and state agencies can make informed decisions about habitat management. This is vital for rabbit species, particularly for the New England cottontail, which is classified as a state-endangered species in New Hampshire.

Hop to it, New Hampshire.