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On Friday, we posted that officials were searching for a couple who rescued a barred owl after their car struck the bird on I-89 in Grantham.

Officials were thankful to the rescuers, who did the right thing by bringing the owl to an emergency veterinary clinic, who got the owl transferred to a wildlife rehabilitator. But Grantham Selectboard Chairman Sheridan Brown said they needed needed to talk to the couple again so that they could determine exactly where the accident happened and release the bird back at the same spot, increasing its chances at success back in the wild.

Thanks to your shares, bolstered by the awesome Missing Pets of the Upper Valley Facebook page, the rescuers came forward!

In an email exchange tonight, Brown said the couple — who is remaining anonymous — saw our post after Missing Pets shared it to their page. Ultimately the post was shared more than 230 times.

Brown said the owl will be released privately later this week. (Those details are not being made public to keep the event as low-stress for the owl as possible.)

So happy that this all worked out. Woop, woop! Or should we say, hoot, hoot! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here’s an example of what a barred owl looks like — although neither of the photos we have shared show the owl in question.

A barred owl perches in a tree in Massachusetts in January 2017. (Greenfield Recorder photograph)