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So I already mentioned G O R Y D A Z E, but there’s a couple other events happening on Saturday to get you pumped for the parade.

Here’s the first:

Yes, I know, I know. “A BRIDGE DEDICATION????” you say. But remember how wonky that bridge was, for so long, when they had the “temporary” bridge up during the replacement process? Also, figuring out a name for the bridge turned out to not be the easiest thing, either. Surely something to celebrate.

And the second is … folding clothes!!!!

Don’t leave just yet. The “flash folding party” is for a good cause — the Upper Valley Community Clothing Swap, where you can bring clothes and get clothes for free. This year it’s happening Nov. 11-12, but they already have a bunch of donations accumulating in a garage in Lebanon and can get some of the folding done early.

If you have time to help from 1-3 p.m., email Betsy at uvclothingswap@gmail.com for a location.