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Whyyyyyy are we posting this, you ask? It was recorded by Dartmouth professor Mark Laidre, who is also a National Geographic explorer. From Nat Geo:

In early March 2016, Laidre watched as a coconut crab snatched an adult red-footed booby sleeping on a low-lying tree branch, tearing it from the branch and snapping its wing. Paralyzed, the booby struggled as the crab held on with its powerful claws and kicked with its legs.


Within 20 minutes, five other coconut crabs swarmed to the spot, their keen olfactory senses drawing them to the smell of blood. The initial attacker dragged the still-breathing booby away, and the crustaceans fought. Over several hours, the crabs shredded the bird, carrying it away and consuming it in pieces.


Laidre says the scene was “pretty gruesome.”

You might remember Mark also captured some other unusual wildlife photos this year: A couple of bear cubs peeking through the screen of a kitchen door on School Street in Hanover in April.

Police believe three cubs and a sow seen on late April 28, 2017, in Hanover, N.H., are the same family of bears getting into a Thompson Terrace home in Hanover. (Mark Laidre photograph)

On Wednesday, we reported that one of the bears was shot and killed in June, a couple weeks after it was trapped and relocated.