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Instead, Ibex will focus on selling its apparel solely through its online store and its three company-owned retail outlets in Boston, Denver and Seattle, a company executive said on Tuesday. From today’s Valley News:

Charlie Kimbell, co-owner of Elevation Clothing in Woodstock, which has been a longtime seller of Ibex clothing, said that the outdoor apparel industry is being affected by everything from global economics to climate change, putting manufacturers like Ibex in a difficult spot.


“It can take two years from designing a product until when you actually show it,” he said, explaining the long lead time between product conception to market, during which the consumer market can dramatically shift.


“It’s a capital-intensive business and you can get caught as a manufacturer,” said Kimbell, a former banker and now also a state representative from Woodstock. “There’s a lot of pressure on Ted right now … we hope they are able to turn it around.”

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