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Also, anyone can get a free “Pets Inside” decal to put on their home windows here, but you do have to give the company, Canine Company — the same company that donated the supplies to the fire department — a decent amount of personal information, including home address, email and phone number.

An example of the equipment. (Photo courtesy Canine Company)

Via a news release from Canine Company:

The Claremont Fire Department has received a donation of pet oxygen masks from at-home pet care services provider Canine Company. The special equipment will help firefighters resuscitate family pets they rescue during home fires and other emergencies.


Lt. Mike Zombeck requested the mask after learning about the company’s Canine Saves campaign to provide them free to municipalities where the company has customers.


Canine Company donates the masks because family pets are at special risk in home fires since they can’t leave the house without help. An estimated 40,000 die each year from smoke inhalation. The cone-shaped masks are designed for a pet’s snout, which human masks don’t fit. Each set includes three sizes fitting a wide range of pets — from small mammals to giant breed dogs — and connect to standard oxygen tanks the rescue teams carry.