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(The following was written by Ethel Pike and posted on the Vershire listserve. It is reposted here with her permission. GIF curation by yours truly. Thanks, Ethel!)

I was reminded yesterday of how truly wonderful our town is. At 72, I find myself not as strong nor as energetic as I use to be. Not a surprise to me or you. I find I must do what until recently I rarely did.

This year, I asked if I could play a piano while pet sitting
I WAS GIFTED a piano to play!
I didn’t have the money to move it.
I asked a fellow if he might help and to my utter surprise
A TRUCK and A TEAM OF 5 delivered it !

A few days ago I inquired about some garden manure and I asked if he had any idea of how to move it. I was thinking by the pail-full.

Yesterday, I was slow moving and dreading the coming cold. When the dog kicked up a fuss, I went to investigate. First there was the fellow who came to finish bucking up a tree that fell in Spring. As I went to put on a sweater, there came a knock at the door, I heard “Manure movers, where do you want us to put it?”

Two lads were there and gone in a flash. It would have taken me most of the day to move it!

I AM FILLED TO EVERY CORNER WITH GRATITUDE AND LOVE for the Gift of this place, and the people in it.