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Apparently the Terminator franchise did nothing to deter anyone, because people are still plowing ahead and giving robots all kinds of skillz, including parkour skillz.

Take Boston Dynamics, a robotics company that just introduced the internet to Atlas, which it describes as “the world’s most dynamic humanoid.” In a nearly minutelong clip released on Thursday, Atlas is put through some athletic paces, which it conquers with ease. Atlas completes a series of box jumps and 180-degree spins before backflipping onto a mat (and sticking the landing). It then celebrates its victory by triumphantly putting its robot arms in the air.

In an earlier clip, published in February, Atlas breaks out of the Boston Dynamics facility and goes tromping through the snow before returning to the building to complete a series of everyday tasks. A human attempts to Atlas off balance, and though the robot stumbles, it never falls. The video ends with Atlas standing up after having been intentionally knocked to the ground and hightailing it out of the facility again. o_0

It’s equal parts incredible and concerning, frankly. I can’t even do a cartwheel and this robot is straight showing off, doing flips and stuff.

What’s more, the latest Atlas video clip comes just days after we were reintroduced to Sophia, a remarkably lifelike robot that previously said she wants to destroy all humans. (Spoiler alert: She’s toned down her distaste, but it’s pretty clear, based on her creepy answer, that she still wants to destroy us.)