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Jodi Picoult and the @wolfgang2242 crew in Denver last month. Photo credit Steve Greig. Used with permission.

Jodi Picoult, an Etna resident and New York Times best-selling author, got to hang with the stars behind one of my favorite Instagram accounts, @wolfgang2242.

For the ~uninitiated~ … One, you’re missing out, and two, here’s a bit of description from the Unleashed blog run by Bravo TV from earlier this year:

The man behind the account is Steve Greig, whose mission is to adopt the unadoptable. Spurred by the death of his beloved miniature pinscher Wolfgang (the inspiration for his Instagram handle), Steve headed to the shelter to find their “least adoptable” dog as a tribute to his erstwhile canine bestie.


Steve came home with two things: a precious 12-year-old dog named Eeyore, and a newfound commitment to senior dogs. Since then, Steve’s brood has grown to include nine dogs (Waylon, Edsel, Josh, Englebert, Eeyore, Edna, Loretta, Phyllis and Enoch), Bikini the pig, Stuart the rabbit, Oprah the chicken and a couple more critters.

I saw the photo of Picoult and the gang on my Instagram feed recently, and sent her an email today asking how it came to be. Here’s what she said:

I know Steve because I’ve corresponded with him for a couple of years — I have rescue dogs (but not nine, LOL) and I admire him so much for the attention he brings to that cause. And maybe I’m a little in love with Englebert. He knew me from my writing, and invited me to come visit if I were ever in the area. And then I was asked to do a speaking gig in Denver … and … the rest is history!
Picoult most recently appeared in our pages for helping her friend Martin Philip, head bread baker at King Arthur Flour, to write a book. She is seen in the picture above with her latest book, Small Great Things.

Jodi Picoult and ENGELBERT!!! Photo courtesy Steve Greig. Used with permission.

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And if you need some more inspiration from @wolfgang2242 … I’ve got you covered!

There are nine other dog beds in the house, I counted. #justsayin

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