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The following is from an email written by Doug Robinson, the current chief of the Norwich Police Department.


The Norwich Police Department will be moving into our new Public Safety Facility this winter. I am looking for a photograph of each Norwich police chief from 1973 when the first chief was appointed. The photographs will be displayed in the new facility. Preferable a portrait style photograph but for lack of a portrait any picture will be nice. If anyone has any pictures of the below listed police chiefs could you please forward them to me so we can have them framed and ready to be displayed at the new facility, of if you know any family members of the listed police chiefs can you reach out to them to see if you might be able to get a photograph.

  • Herbert Fellows, 1973 – 1977
  • Bill Luczynski, 1978- 1991
  • Paul Alexander, Acting 1991-1992
  • Gary Watson, 1992 – 1996
  • William Estey, Acting 1997 -1998, Again 1999 – 2001
  • Armando Casucci, 1998-1999
  • Stephen Soares, 2001-2004