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The following information is taken from a news release by the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, Vermont Department of Children and Families and Vermont Fuel Dealers Association. “Red-tagged” fuel tanks are those that do not meet inspection requirements.

DCF runs the Weatherization Program and has allocated $100,000 to respond to “heating emergency” situations that may result from red-tagged tanks this winter, and has an additional $750,000 available for other types of heating emergencies. DEC manages the Petroleum Cleanup Fund financial assistance program. This fund helps 300 Vermonters upgrade or replace their tanks every year.

For homeowners seeking financial assistance to help with the cost of fixing or replacing a red-tagged tank, here are four places to start:

  1. The Vermont Petroleum Cleanup Fund offers financial assistance to low-income residential tank owners for the removal, replacement and upgrade of an aboveground fuel oil storage tank.  Go to http://dec.vermont.gov/waste-management/storage-tanks/tank-removal-financial-assistance or call (802) 828-1138for more information.
  2. The Emergency Furnace Repair and Replacement Program operated by the Office of Economic Opportunity can assist with financing the repair or replacement of a red tagged tank.  Contact your local Community Action Agency for more information.
  3. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has a Rural Economic Development loan and grant program for low income households.  Go towww.rd.usda.gov for more information.
  4. VGreen Energy Improvement Loan offered by VSECU is a low-income loan for tank replacements. Go to www.vsecu.org or call 1-800-371-5162 for more information