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First-year head coach Jim Damren, of West Lebanon, #NH, watches the Lebanon-Stevens boys #hockey team warmup at the start of an evening practice at Campion Rink in West Lebanon on Wednesday. (The #Raiders team includes one student from Claremont in the program’s co-operative arrangement with Stevens High.) Damren, a Lebanon High graduate who played four years of Raiders hockey from 1978-82, took the job in June, after eight-year Lebanon head coach Gary Smith stepped down to take over Dartmouth College’s men’s club hockey team. At the time, Damren saw the job as a dream come true, one he thought he would never see realized. ➡️ Read more at www.vnews.com. Direct link in profile. ⬅️ (Valley News – Geoff Hansen @geoff_hansen) ​#uppervalley #upval #vnewsuv #icehockey #lebanonnh #lebnh #603 #icetime #preseason #skate #rink #?

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