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As Maggie mentioned on Wednesday, Project Veritas founder and President James O’Keefe was due to speak at Middlebury College on Thursday night. The school did not cancel the speech, which came in the wake of revelations by The Washington Post that Project Veritas had tried to infiltrate the paper in an attempt to “expose” its journalists and reveal bias by the media. (Watch a Washington Post reporter grill the Project Veritas operative here.)

Seven Days reporter Molly Walsh attended and live-tweeted the event; read those tweets here. There don’t appear to have been any fireworks, though O’Keefe did refuse to answer questions about the attempted Washington Post sting.

HOWEVER, Vermont Digger’s Cory Dawson reported on Friday that O’Keefe’s talk was promoted through an all-campus email sent out by a fake student group.

Middlebury officials said a group called The Preservation Society sent a mass email on Tuesday announcing the talk. The catch? There’s no such group on campus.

Bill Burger, spokesman for Middlebury College, wrote that the college had “nothing to do with this event.”

“Mr. O’Keefe has chosen to travel to town to pursue his own political and personal agenda,” Burger wrote. “We also are unaware of any student group called The Preservation Society, which was named in the email as a host for the event.”

It’s not currently known who was behind the email, according to a Middlebury spokeswoman.