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Just add it to the list, I suppose.

‘Tis the season for Christmas trees, but to growers’ dismay, millennials aren’t buying, and the Christmas Tree Promotion Board (yes, that’s a real thing) wants to know why.

Bloomberg reports millennials are flocking to buy plastic, or fake, Christmas trees, a move that has stunned advocates of real trees.

The battle to keep Americans cutting real trees is officially on.

The best customers of real trees are families with children. Older adults from the Baby Boomer generation are becoming empty-nesters, while millennials — a cohort of young people now aged about 18 to 35 — are on the cusp of starting families. That’s left a gap for real trees, which have lost buyers as artificial trees gained.

But the real-tree industry says there’s potential to win big over the next decade as young families bloom. Only 20 percent of millennials currently have young children, O’Connor of the farmer-funded Christmas Tree Promotion Board said. That leaves the lion’s share of the biggest generation — and their future Christmas traditions — still up for grabs.

I personally grew up in a house that always had a fake tree, simply because A. it was easier than dealing with needles everywhere and B. my parents already had said nice real-looking fake tree. Light a pine-scented candle and you’re good to go.

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