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The text in the flyer above reads:

Norwich Congregational Church, UCC
December 21, 7 p.m.
A quiet reflective service.

For some, this season, with the constant refrain of family, of gathering, of celebration, giving, affluence and happiness is a source of more pain than gladness. Even in the Christmas season, or maybe especially in the Christmas season, we may need space to name loss, insecurity, fear of violence, or estrangement.

The Solstice, when the night stretches before us, may be a time when we need community and solace. At this service, we will have an opportunity to share and hear prayers, scripture, and music that acknowledge that divine presence is also for those who mourn or struggle in other ways: that we all need Holy Light to shine in our darkness.

All are welcome, regardless of church affiliation, or lack of it.