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Remember the story of the dog near Killington a few years back. The owner let him out to go potty just as some neighbors set off fireworks. The fireworks startled him and he bolted. Thankfully he was caught after 10 days (if memory serves) surviving brutal wind chills at 25 below zero. Then there was a similar story from Springfield VT. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, that poor girl was never found.


If you are planning to let off fireworks, PLEASE BE KIND and alert your neighbors ahead of time. If you have pets that will be going outside to use the bathroom, PLEASE take extra precautions and bring them outside on a leash.
New Years weekend is a popular time for fireworks.

Zena the dog eats some snow as she plays outside her home in Chichester, N.H., in January 2017. (Concord Monitor/Elodie Reed)