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Photo courtesy Upper Valley Humane Society.

From the Upper Valley Humane Society:

Do you love a happy story?


A little over 9 months ago, a family lost their kitty. They live in a highly wooded area, so after weeks of searching, they assumed the worst. Their cat must have been snatched by a larger animal.


Fast-forward to this week. A beautiful but rough-looking cat was brought in as a stray. Dirty, matted fur, super skinny and in need of some good ol’ TLC. He loved the staff he met at the shelter, so we knew he must have people. We posted him as a stray¬†online, as we do with all strays, hoping to find his family.


Miraculously, enough people shared the photo, and the cat’s family saw the post!


Watching the family reunite was absolutely beautiful. The kids were so excited to have their friend back!


Thank you to everyone who shares our “found” animal photos. Please keep it up!

Click here to see the Facebook post.

And here’s a pic of the cat when he was found:

Photo courtesy Upper Valley Humane Society.

And another from what he looks like all cleaned up!

Photo courtesy Upper Valley Humane Society.